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Patient Information Sheet: Rhinophyma

Longstanding and extreme cases of Rosacea may lead to prominent and enlarged oil glands, thickened skin, red bumps and broken blood vessels on the nose.  Many times the normal shape of the nose becomes disfigured. When this occurs, the diagnosis of Rhinophyma is given. Men, more so than women, may develop this condition.

About Your Rhinophyma Surgery

Your doctor performs the procedure in our out patient office surgical suite at the Dermatology Group. Surgical instruments are used to re-sculpt and reshape the nose affected by Rhinophyma.

The Consultation

During your consultation appointment, your doctor will be able to evaluate the extent of your Rhinophyma and recommend the best treatment to improve your condition. Please bring old close up photographs taken prior to your developing Rhinophyma to this appointment. We might also take additional photographs during your appointment.

Instructions For the Day of Your Rhinophyma Surgery

1.  Start taking the oral antibiotic prescribed by your doctor

2.  Take all your other usual medications

3.  Wash your face gently with soap and water

4.  Please arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home.

During The Rhinophyma Surgical Procedure

You will be awake during the procedure, but local anesthesia will be given prior to starting the procedure. Occasionally, there maybe be a burning sensation during the procedure. Do not worry. If this occurs, it is typically mild. Once the procedure is complete, the surgical nurse will apply dressings and give you instructions. Your friend or family member may then take you home

After Your Procedure

You will return to our office the day after your procedure for your dressing change. At this appointment you will be given detailed instructions on how to apply topical ointments at home until the treated nose has healed nicely.


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